Join the global beacon challenge!

BeaconValley started as a project to beaconize’s hometown - Krakow, Poland and to turn it into a smart city. To make the idea happen, last June we hosted a hackathon that turned out be a huge success.

This time we wanted to go bigger. Four times bigger, in fact. BeaconValley Global Hackathon will kick off on November 21st in Krakow, New York, London, and Guadalajara—at the same time!

For 24 hours, developers, powered by beacons, motivation tips, mentors’ knowledge, and productivity boosters will be working on solutions to four Smart City challenges: culture, health, commerce, and transportation.

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Local prize & opportunity to win a global prize


Android & iOS Developers

Project Masters

Graphic Designers

Beacon Fans


Rafał Janicki

Rafał Janicki

Judging Criteria

  • Beacon technology involvement
  • User and customer experience
  • Innovativeness
  • Stage of completion
  • Possibility of deployment